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Luxury Lighted LED Vanity Mirrors anti fog bluetooth function bathroom smart tempered mirror

    • No paint, eco-friendly
    • Can resist high temperature up to 850℃
    • LED tempered mirror
    • Thickness:4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

  • 产品参数
    • No paint, eco-friendly
    • Can resist high temperature up to 850℃
    • LED tempered mirror
    • Thickness:4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

L801Smart LED bathroom mirror
Frame TypeAluminumInstallation methodhook installation
Mirror Glass Quality

Regular white

/ Ultra white mirror

Suspension methodhorizontal and vertical
Mirror Glass TypeRegular or TemperedLight color white / warm white / warm yellow
Mirror Thickness5mmVoltage12V
Mirror SizeNon-standard customOptional FuntionTime, Temperature,Anti-fog,Illumination, Bluetooth
Regular size800mmx800mm;  900mmx800mm;  1000mmx600mm;  1200mmx700mm

Product Advantages

ComparisonRegular Mirror HOU GLASSTempered Mirror
 Production TechniqueTempered Mirror currently available on the market is tempered first before paint coating, resulting oxidized and deteriorated coating over time and this regular mirror may have image distortion problem.Firstly adopt the special technique of“Coating before tempering” internationally
 Acid & alkali Resistance Anti-oxidationCannot resist to acid or alkali immersion

enviroment, easy to get oxidized

Coating no damage after 200 hours of 20% acid immersion & 200 hours of 20% alkali immersion. Anti-oxidation.
 High temperature resistantCoating easily get burned at around 300 ℃Can resist high temperature up to 850℃
 Discoloration to blackColor fade easily or blackeningCoating before tempering, no color fade or blackening
 Paint Fall Off Easy to fall offNo paint. Coating before tempering
 Environmental friendlyHas paint, not eco-friendlyNo paint, eco-friendly
 FragileHigh requirement for installation material & high installation costAt least 10 times strengthened than regular glass, tempered safety glass, 10 years warranty
 Color/Shape/TransparencyCannot do arc-shaped, and cannot adjust  the transparency.Can do any color, any curve shape, 0-60° glass transparency adjustable
Double-sided reflectiveNot availableDouble-sided reflective tempered mirror
ApplicationLimited installation area, cannot use exterior or acid/alkali areaAll Regular mirror application can use.

Outdoor, swimming pool, bathroom, beach decoration.

Customer can do the deep processing on their site.

WarrantyNo Warranty

In the case of correctly use, we offer 10 years Warranty. 

(no color fade, no oxidation, no falling off )

Mirror currently available on the market

Products on market mostly will first do tempered process into arc-shaped, and then make into mirror, This process causes image distortion on the mirror, coating easily get oxidized.

But if they first make mirror before tempering process, their back paint cannot go through high temperature tempering process, easily cause color fading, paint falling off or going black.


"Hou Glass"mirror

"Hou Glass" Eco-friendly Safety Tempered Mirror, 

Patent Name: Production of technology of high-temperature-resisting-film-coated glass product

Patent number: CN201710647485.7

Mirror film back without using paint

Up to 850℃ high temperature resistant

Acid & alkali Resistant, Anti-oxidation

First make mirror coating then do the tempered process, 

Never color fade, never go black, 10 years warranty !



1. Are you factory?

Yes. we are factory, welcome to visit our factory.

2. Do you accept small order?

Any order quantity is welcome. 

But some type of products are high cost that not suitable for small order.

3. Want to get free samples

Sure you can. Please send your request via email.

4. What is the shipping methods

For small amount, usually send by air shipping. 

(DHL/UPS/Fedex) Take 4-5 working days.

For large amount, usually delivery by ship. 

(FOB/CNF/CIF) Take around 25-30 working days(Depend on which country)

5. Can i do my own design?

Yes, welcome to send your request file for our pricing.

6. What glass file format should I provide?

The clear file such as .ai, .pdf, .psd or .cdr format file is the best.

7. How long is your delivery time?

Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.


8. How can I get your  quotation?

Please advise your request of thickness, size, color, quantities, whether need to further process and other detailed requirements etc.

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Luxury Lighted LED Vanity Mirrors anti fog bluetooth function bathroom smart tempered mirror




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