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Customized colorful rainbow tempered decorative glass

Laminated colorful dichroic tempered decorative glass

Rainbow glass is also called stained glass, coting glass. It's a new kind glass product 

in decortaive glass field,which owns fantastic color turnging effect.You can see different 

colors from different direction, it also happens under different light, such the sunshine or 

lamplight.Because of its modern sense, luxury,elegance and nice apperance, it has been 

widely used as skylight,decorating lighting,screen,TV backgroud wall, decortaing 

windows and door,cabinet,partition, curtain wall, staircase,floor etc.


  • Feature

1/ Safety,environmental protection

2/ Self-cleaning, maintenance-free

3/ Nondiscolouring, Non film releasing, acid-resisting, temperature-salty resisting,germicidal function, thermostability

4/ Different colors and patterns to choose, you can also give us your design, it can be customized made

5/ Process: can be tempered, laminated, insulated etc to get the safety, heat preservation and partly visible effect.


  • Specification

Max size: 2000x1500mm

Standard thickness:5mm, also can depends on your requirements

You can choose pattern from our stock, also can give us your design.


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Customized colorful rainbow tempered decorative glass

Customized colorful rainbow tempered decorative glass


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