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About HOU GLASS tempered mirror

发表时间: 2019-07-16 17:40:00


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HOU GLASS tempered mirror is a kind of safety mirror, which is in the leading position in safety and environmental protection with advanced tech of coating before tempered.

 It has the following characteristics:

  • Coating no damage after 200 hours of 20% acid immersion & 200 hours of 20% alkali immersion. Anti-oxidation.

  • Can resist high temperature up to 850℃

  • Coating before tempering, no color fade or blackening

  • No paint, eco-friendly

  • At least 10 times strengthened than regular glass, tempered safety glass, 10 years warranty

  • Can do any color, any curve sGhape, 0-60° glass transparency adjustable

  • Double-sided reflective tempered mirror

  • All Regular mirror application can use.

       Outdoor, swimming pool, bathroom, beach decoration.

       Customer can do the deep processing on their site.

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