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Brand introduction

Hou Glass is a brand of glass deep processing products launched by Foshan Fu Yin  Industry Co., Ltd. Hou Glass is user-centered and committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and services with the principle of “Be honest, be careful".

Hou Glass products are committed to becoming an innovative brand of decorative building materials worldwide, following the quality of safety and innovation pursued by Fu Yin Group.


Hou Glass main product range includes: Tempered mirrors, Double sided reflective mirror, Two way mirror, tempered glass products, laminated glass products, Craft shower enclosure.


Our Factory

- Production plant covers an area of 50,000 sqm;  

- Daily production capability of 20,000 sqm tempered mirror and shower room; 

- 300 in house production workers; 

- 15 R&D personnel.


Product Advantages

Eco-friendly Paint-free Tempered Mirror

Comparison Regular Mirror  HOU GLASSTempered Mirror
 Production Technique Tempered Mirror currently available on the market is tempered first before paint coating, resulting oxidized and deteriorated coating over time and this regular mirror may have image distortion problem. Firstly adopt the special technique of“Coating before tempering” internationally
 Acid & alkali Resistance Anti-oxidation Cannot resist to acid or alkali immersion

enviroment, easy to get oxidized

Coating no damage after 200 hours of 20% acid immersion & 200 hours of 20% alkali immersion. Anti-oxidation.
 High temperature resistant Coating easily get burned at around 300 ℃ Can resist high temperature up to 850℃
 Discoloration to black Color fade easily or blackening Coating before tempering, no color fade or blackening
 Paint Fall Off  Easy to fall off No paint. Coating before tempering
 Environmental friendly Has paint, not eco-friendly No paint, eco-friendly
 Fragile High requirement for installation material & high installation cost At least 10 times strengthened than regular glass, tempered safety glass, 10 years warranty
 Color/Shape/Transparency Cannot do arc-shaped, and cannot adjust  the transparency. Can do any color, any curve shape, 0-60° glass transparency adjustable
Double-sided reflective Not available Double-sided reflective tempered mirror
Application Limited installation area, cannot use exterior or acid/alkali area All Regular mirror application can use.

Outdoor, swimming pool, bathroom, beach decoration.

Customer can do the deep processing on their site.

Warranty No Warranty

In the case of correctly use, we offer 10 years Warranty. 

(no color fade, no oxidation, no falling off )


Project Case

Outdoor Tempered Mirror

Add: Red Star Plaza, Ninghua County Government, Sanming City, Fujian Province

Master design: Beijing Design Institute



Glass Curtain wall 

Add: Yunnan Province, China


Color Tempered Mirror

Add: Huacheng Royal palace,Huadu District, Guangzhou, China

Our Certificate

SGS quality system certification


Customer Cooperation

Main market: the US, North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, etc.

Our service

We stay 24h by 7 days every week for your any questions and problem

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